Wk 2 – Activity – Plaster Casting

Today, I went with a couple of other classmates (Judy and Jacob) to the Seal beach pier to make our hand plasters. At first it was a little tricky because we noticed that the tide went up very high and there were minimal areas of wet sand that the tide didn’t reach. We realized that if the waves came up to our setting plasters, our molds and projects would be ruined. However, we were luckily able to find a little patch of wet sand that was high enough to be safe from the waves! And for added security, we even built a little sand barrier and hole to catch any waves that might wash up to our working area.

After we set up our working space, we quickly got to work. We dug our holes and carefully made our molds to set our plaster into. As we waited for our projects to set, we enjoyed the warm and sunny weather!

After about 30 minutes we carefully dug our projects out of the sand holes. My hand casting turned out a lot better than I had expected and I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t expecting to be able to see little details in my hands, since the mold wasn’t very secure. But it was really cool when I noticed that my hand casting was able to pick up my nails in the plaster and you could actually see the outlines of my nails in my project. Overall this was a pretty cool experience and, like the professor said himself, a perfect excuse to go to the beach.


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