Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Maria Leon

At this weeks art gallery I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Maria Leon (http://leonmalena.com/). She is a 2nd year at Cal State Long Beach and is currently majoring in hospitality management but she plans on changing majors to health science instead. However, she still plans on keeping hospitality management as a minor because she doesn’t want to put all of her previous efforts into that major to waste, which I totally agree with! She also commutes to school from Hawaiian Gardens. We talked about the different art galleries and she told me her favorite gallery was Nick Bamford’s with all of the large sculptures. She said her favorite piece of Bamford’s was the sculpture of the guy holding the guitar.

When we talked about our personal meanings of art, I stated that I viewed art as an outlet for people to express who they are through a variety of different aspects. I feel like art is a very broad title that can fit into almost anything. Art is a way for people to express how they feel or to show things from their perspective. Art is truly interesting and unique because each individual can view things in a different way. For example, a person can simply tell a group to draw a picture of the sun, and the results could be a various amount of different drawings of the sun. Every single person will most likely have at least a little differences among their drawings, and that’s the amazing part of art.


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