Wk 3 – Activity – Social Photography

Our activity for this week was the Instagram day. For Instagram day we were required to post a minimum of 4 pictures onto our Instagram accounts of anything we wanted to share, throughout the day.


My first post began at the art galleries. I chose to post a picture of the current artist that I was listening to. I decided to post a picture of that particular artist, William Brigham, and his gallery because as soon as I stepped into Brigham’s gallery and viewed his artwork and briefly listened to him speak, I already knew that his art gallery was the one I wanted to write about.

My next post was just a fun selfie that I took with one of Nick Bamford’s artworks. As I walked around his art gallery I found all of his sculptures particularly interesting because all of the sculptures were so different from one another. The sculpture in my selfie was my favorite out of the bunch.

My last two Instagram posts of the day displayed how I went about to finish my day after art class was over. After art ended I went over to the horn center to finish up some stats homework that I had due the next day. And also to hang out in the nicely air conditioned room to cool off from the scorching heat outside. A few hours after that was all finished I was finally able to head home from school and home to my 3 beloved dogs. I love coming home to their happy faces and overwhelming excitement everyday! They’re definitely one of my favorite parts of each of my days so I felt the need to share it with my classmates.

When I went through our #110f15 Instagram tag, I noticed a pretty fair amount of connection within our class. I saw connections with the fact that a lot of us posted pictures relating to the art galleries since that was something that we all experienced throughout our day. A lot of us also posted pictures relating to school, and more specifically, Cal State Long Beach. I feel like although we are all very different as individuals, we all experienced somewhat similar days. We are all students at the same school, with the same class, and we all went about a few of the same things throughout our days. I saw a lot of posts of everyone’s pets, and pictures with classmates hanging out with their friends. Looking at our tag, I did feel like we had sort of our own little community. It was cool seeing how other peers experienced their days and being able to compare it with others. It was also really cool to get to know a little more about my classmates through these pictures.


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