Wk 4 – Classmate Conversation – Rachel Garcia and Tabita Astorga

For this week’s art gallery I got to meet two new classmates, Rachel Garcia and Tabita Astorga.

Rachel is a 3rd year and is majoring in hospitality. I originally didn’t really know what hospitality was exactly and she kindly informed me that it’s basically the types of jobs that people who are in charge of businesses such as hotels, amusement parks, restaurants, etc. She said that the reason she chose to major in hospitality is because in high school she took a quiz that gave her results in suggested careers for her and one of the options was hospitality. However, initially she didn’t know what hospitality was until after she researched it further and realized it was something she was interested in pursuing. Another interesting fact I learned about Rachel is that she’s been working at Knott’s Berry Farm for 3 years! She’s also involved in working at the horror nights.

Tabita is a 4th year and is a psychology major. She specifically wants to become a youth therapist and wants to continue her schooling to get a masters degree after she graduates. I thought it was really interesting getting to know Tabita because I actually want to change my major to psychology so it was really helpful for me to listen to her experience in the major and get to know how she plans to carry out with her major. When I asked her the question of the week, I thought her response was perfect! Tabita said she believes art matters because it’s a form of a positive outlook on topics that can sometimes be seen as negative. For example, David De Mendoza and Vanessa Gamboa’s art gallery of their paintings that depicted different types of fears and nightmares, were painted in bright colors and when a viewer looks at them, they don’t really see or feel actual fear within themselves but more so a beautiful piece of artwork.


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