Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – David De Mendoza


David De Mendoza was one of the artists that worked on the art gallery displayed in the Gatov West gallery. The other artist that collaborated with David on these paintings was Vanessa Gamboa. Unfortunately, she wasn’t present at the time of the artist interviews so I was only able to interview half of the artists contributing to this art gallery. I would’ve loved to be able to ask Vanessa questions about the art and hear her perspective or insight on their paintings but Mendoza was still able to fill her place quite sufficiently. David used oil paints to create these particular paintings. It took him nearly the entire summer to finish them. As it can be seen in the style of the paintings, they were heavily influenced by different sorts of horror movies that David has seen throughout the years. Many of the paintings are shown depicting some sort of typical fear that people have or different sorts of nightmares.

Although the paintings are meant to depict different types of common fears that people have, the paintings display a large variety of bright and vibrant colors. Some of the paintings involve colors such as bright yellows, oranges, and pinks that really stand out on the canvas, contrasting to the dark shades of purples and greens beside them. I really like the fact that the artists used a variety of different colors ranging from dark to bright. I feel like it really gives the paintings that pop to catch a viewer’s attention. The paintings also display a lot of different shapes and unique visuals that I believe contribute to the fact that these paintings are partly based off of dreams and nightmares. The artists did a splendid job of giving these paintings that dreamy feel.

IMG_0388I actually really enjoyed viewing these art pieces because I thought each painting was really intriguing. Each painting that I viewed, it gave me the desire to learn about what the meaning behind the painting was. Each painting was so unique from one another but still was able to relate to each other in a way that tied the whole art gallery together. Although I did enjoy the pieces a lot, I couldn’t personally relate to any of the paintings very much. When I viewed the pieces there weren’t any personal experiences that came to mind that made me feel a connection with the pieces of art.


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