Wk 4 – Activity – Painting

So far this has been my favorite activity of the semester. Being able to use spray paints for the first time was already fun in itself, but going to Venice Beach to do the activity made it even better. I’ve only been to Venice beach one other time, and it was actually pretty recently too. Visiting Venice is always such a fun experience because there’s always so much to venture around to. Just walking down the boardwalk is so interesting because there’s so many different little shops that vary from clothing stores, little booths of artists selling their handmade pieces, to little clinics selling medical marijuana! Not only is the environment an interesting place but so are the people.

Of course my painting isn’t perfect and there’s some changes that I wish I could fix but for the most part I’m still pretty happy with it. I was a little nervous of the outcome because I’ve never drawn anything in such a large scale where I couldn’t exactly see the whole picture at once while I was working, so that was another first for me. 

Looking at all the other paintings around the art walls were really intimidating because there were some really amazing pieces. Coincidentally, right next to the spot that I chose to paint my name was some sort of mural of a woman’s face. It was done so well that I was actually pretty stoked to realize that it was right next to my painting, which meant I could take a picture with it! It really boggled my mind to think that someone was able to create such an intricate painting using spray paints.


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