Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Matthew Dumpit

As I walked outside the art galleries, wondering which gallery to enter first, I noticed the Marilyn Werbie gallery. It was darkly lit and I assumed it was going to be like the previous art galleries that had dim lighting, some sort of video playing or something like that. With that thought in my mind I wasn’t really interested in viewing the gallery because to be honest I didn’t really like the previous ones that I assumed it would be like. However, when I entered I was pleasantly surprised. This gallery was nothing like I expected it to be and was unlike any others I had seen.

IMG_0792Matthew Dumpit created an art gallery based around the movement of shadows and the images that certain object’s shadows create. His gallery displayed objects such as a metal chair made out of welded wire, little interactive figurines on the walls, and a sort of crystallized light show. The chair made from welded wire was able to pick up light and have it shine through and emphasize different aspects of the chair, to form an almost identical image of the chair on the wall. I thought that was really neat because the typical shadows that you see would just form a solid silhouette, but with the positioning of the welded wire you could actually see different dimensions of the chair. Matthew stated that this particular piece was inspired from the Victorian Era and took the inspiration from his home town in North California.

IMG_0794The figurines on the walls had pieces behind each model in which you could pull the lever, and it would maneuver the whole figurine to move a certain way. Once the figurines start moving, you can see how the shadows behind it replicate an image. There was one particular figurine that when moved, it looks like a bird flapping its wings. Matthew also stated that this particular piece was the hardest piece to make in the whole collection.

IMG_0793Another aspect of the gallery was a light that moved back and forth on top of metal sheets placed on the floor. The light shown on the metal sheets reflect a crystallized-like light onto the wall. In my opinion, the light resembled similar to what would be a water reflection, almost like the reflections of water you see inside of a pool at night time. The combination of this crystallized light and the swaying motion made me feel like the gallery was underwater on a moving boat. Matthew stated that this piece was his favorite out of the gallery, and I have to agree and say this is my favorite as well.


Wk 10 – Classmate Conversation


For this week’s classmate conversation I got to meet Miguel Lopez. Miguel is a second a year and is majoring in mechanical engineering. He enjoys pretty much any outdoor activity, going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and watching a lot of Netflix. However,  favorite activity is playing soccer. Soccer has played a large role in Miguel’s life, considering the fact that he’s been playing since he was 7 years old. He said he’s attended a few soccer games throughout his life and hopes to attend more in the future. When asked the question of the week, “If you could travel to any country, where would it be and why?” he answered with Spain.  He said that he would love to travel to Spain so he would watch the the soccer team, Barcelona, play live. He also says because the language barrier wouldn’t be that different and he would love the food there.

Wk 9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling

IMG_0768My character goes by the name of Belle Lea Bentley. Belle is a 22 year old female born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is not in school at the moment but is interning for a well known fashion company. Belle loves anything related to fashion. She enjoys partaking backstage for fashion shows, assisting celebrity stylists in picking out clothes for their clients, and even spends time creating her own articles of clothing as well. Belle has always been a city girl since the day she was born, since she grew up in of the most well known cities around the world. She’s a typical city girl that enjoys spending her nights at rooftop bars and clubs, dancing the night away with her close girl friends and listening to good music. During the day she is constantly busy with work and building her career and connects. She aspires to one day be a well-known fashion designer and dreams of being able to showcase her work during New York fashion week.

Belle interacted with her classmate friends through Instagram and Snapchat. Belle shows her excitement for Kevin and Ian by commenting on their Instragram posts and stating how cool she thinks it is that they both went on a hike. She also got a snapchat from Ian, showing that he is skating in Portland.


IMG_0767As you can tell from the posts, Belle is pretty different from her friends. Belle’s friends enjoy outdoor activities and likes going on hikes and playing sports. Belle is much girlier than her guy friends and likes to do things like go shopping or getting her nails done. Even though she has different interests with her friends, she is still able to get along with almost anybody because of the fact that she is so friendly and outgoing. She loves going out to social events and meeting all sorts of different people. She especially likes to meet people that are different from her because she feels like she gets to learn more things from them rather than people who are already similar to her.

Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Juan Martin


Juan Martin’s art gallery caught my attention and curiosity as soon as I stepped foot through the doors. First of all, the sculpture of the mannequin seems to weigh at least a hundred pounds, but is perfectly positioned to be able to sit comfortably on a thin piece of a mirror that stands vertically. The concrete mannequin is sculpted to accurately and look like a realistic man, well, minus the head. Another piece of Juan’s work was a sculpture of a deer sitting on the other side of the gallery. At first, coming into the gallery from the side of the door, the sculpture appears to be that of just a normal silver deer. The deer was already interesting as is but as you move on over to the other side of the deer you learn that the deer is engraved with a pattern as if the deer was cut open. The patterns make it seem like the deer is made of pixels. The opening of the deer displays many cube like formations.

IMG_0732Juan stated that it took him nearly 6 months to come up with the concept for this gallery alone and then another 4 weeks to actually finish the products. However, he also states that his overall idea for his show changed a lot over the course of the time. To create these products, he used a technique that includes scanning the form and using a program to alter and design a different surface on the sides. Once the file is ready, the 5 axis and it drills into the desired form. He was inspired by minimalist work from the 1960’s. He’s always been interested in art since his childhood and also has a love for figurative art and wild life.When asked what he wishes his audience could take from his gallery, he says that he doesn’t like to put an idea onto someone but would rather let the audience have their own interpretation of whatever they think it could be.

Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation – Jacob Kim

For this week’s classmate conversation I got to meet Jacob Kim. Jacob is currently a second year and commutes to school from La Palma. He is interested in becoming a part of the swat when he is older. Jacob is usually a very busy guy, considering the fact that he works multiples jobs. His jobs consist of a tutor, teaching guitar lessons, working at Boba Loca in La Palma, and also works on campus as a patrol officer during the night time. Although Jacob keeps himself fairly occupied with his jobs, in his free time he enjoys surfing, going to the beach, playing the guitar and the piano, and pretty much anything that involves being outdoors. Jacob is a huge travelling fanatic and is constantly planning when his next trip will be. Just last year, Jacob travelled to Hawaii by himself, staying in hostels and doing adventurous stuff such as going on extremely dangerous, life-threatening hikes! Jacob is definitely a huge adrenaline junky and is always doing risky things that brings him excitement. He says that he is currently interested and researching about making his next big trip to the Phillipines. But in the meantime, he likes to go on smaller weekend trips to places such as Yosemite, four wheeling in Death Valley, or San Francisco. Jacob seems like the type of person that is literally down to do anything and is always willing to try something new.

Wk 8 – Activity – Art Writing & Editing

wk 8
Leslie’s header from her website

I am going to be editing Leslie Jovel‘s week 8 artist conversation. The first mistake that I noticed was that a particular sentence seemed unfinished, like it was missing a word: “had formal training in art since she was 17 years old.” I assume that Leslie meant to put the word ‘she’ in front of ‘had’ at the beginning of the sentence. Also, the overall paragraph felt very choppy. The sentences didn’t flow as a natural paragraph, it sort of sounded like a list of different sentences put together into one paragraph. Lastly, the whole blog post is too short to be able to properly talk about an artist’s gallery. On the class syllabus it states that artist conversations must be about four paragraphs, including points such as describing what the artwork is, what the artwork is about, and what the artwork means. Leslie talked about these points very briefly but needs to go into these topics more in depth to give a better explanation. The good aspects of Leslie’s artist conversation was that she listed the artist’s website very clearly and posted a variety of pictures of the artist’s artwork to go along with her post. Also, she didn’t make any spelling or punctuational mistakes.

For my own blog post, I am also going to be editing my week 8 artist conversation. There are a lot of words that I use that start to sound pretty redundant. I should try and use a dictionary or thesaurus to find different versions of words with the same meaning to replace the words that I use repeatedly. I should also try and use a variety of different kinds of sentence structures to make my writing easier to read. A lot of my sentences are structured the same exact way and some sentences get too long and end up sounding like a run on sentence. I could’ve explained more into detail exactly what I was talking about in the last paragraph about the ‘black designs’ on the sculptures. I should have discussed what the designs were and what they looked like. The good points of my post was that I didn’t notice any grammatical or punctuational mistakes and I felt like overall, my post is easy to read through with understanding.

Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Diane Linquata

IMG_0677When I walked in to the Gatov West art gallery, I was a little overwhelmed by the multiple different artworks displayed by different artists. At first I thought it was all by one artist and I was pretty confused as of how all the art pieces tied together, but then I eventually came to the realization that there were multiple different artists’ displays in the same gallery. Even through my confusion I immediately knew which art collection was my favorite. Diane Linquata’s artworks of different ceramic sculptures caught my attention because of the fact that they were actual sculptures smack dab in the middle of the gallery, rather than canvas paintings hung up on the wall.

IMG_0681All of Diane’s sculptures are made from ceramic material and added design by using a black color made from a mixture of clay and water. This technique of using clay and slip is the same formula used in Ancient Greece. Diane’s heritage also happens to be Greek, in which she was inspired by her own cultural background to make these pieces of art.

IMG_0679The story behind Diane’s art collection is that during grad school she got pregnant and had to take a semester off due to pregnancy. During her pregnancy, she noticed numerous amounts of changes happening with her body. She said sometimes she would look in the mirror and not even recognize the person she saw. It almost felt like every time she looked in the mirror, she saw a different person. And her sculptures became the representation of the different people, the different forms and shapes of her body that occurred during her pregnancy. The sculptures show stages of her body during and after pregnancy, stages of how her body changed while her baby was developing inside of her, and stages of how she tried to get her body back together after her pregnancy was over. Diane’s sculptures represent not only the physical aspects of her body changes, but also her emotions through her brain and changing hormones. In the beginning of the pregnancy and stages of art represents a more negative view of it and then transformed into a positive outlook. Every aspect of the art collection was handmade by Diane, including all the little articles of clothing on each of the sculptures. The sculptures are wearing things such as tutus and crochet bikinis.

IMG_0680One of my favorite details about Diane’s art collection were the intricate designs that she painted on with the slip of clay and water. The black painted designs had shapes of circles and were outlined by a technique of carving and etching out the slip to create the design. I like this technique because it sort of make the design look like it pops out, it gives it more dimension rather than just a flat paint because you can see the levels of where it was etched out from the sculpture.