Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Anahid Malek-Stephanians and Dawn Derry


IMG_0567Anahid Malek-Stephanians and Dawn Derry created an alluring art gallery filled with paintings inspired by the seasons and nature. The paintings are tied to different meanings that the artists conceived from their own personal connections to landscapes and the desire to view landscapes from a different perspective. These paintings are based on more abstractly inspired images of nature, memories, and experiences.  One of the artists, Dawn, discussed how she believed that artists must know the rules and information of the basic structures that go into artwork before artists are able to put their own twist on it. Dawn stated that she was soley responsible for the paintings of different mountains and landscapes, whereas Anahid was credited for the paintings of the seasons.

IMG_0570One of my favorite details about the paintings were the fact that the paintings had more texture rather than just normal flat surfaced brush strokes on the canvases. I noticed that the paintings of the seasons typically displayed what appeared to be scratch marks to create textures or to outline different sorts of details in the image. These scratch marks gave the paintings more depth and more structure to the different shapes. I also noticed that each painting had a specific color palette that really accurately set the mood for the different seasons or types of landscapes.

Since I was so intrigued by the detailed texture of what appeared to be scratched out paint, I went ahead and asked the artists about it. Dawn went ahead and friendly informed me that that technique is accomplished by them simply scratching the paint out from where ever they desired. It’s the method of adding layers of paint and subtracting parts of the paint to create the desired look.

IMG_0569My own personal favorite painting of the gallery was the painting dedicated to the season of winter. I had a special liking for this painting because winter is already one of my favorite seasons of the year, but I also felt like this painting had the most beautiful detail and resemblance to its season. I liked the icy and cool tones of the color palette. From my perspective, I saw the branches as if it gave the painting a sort of texture that resemble a slab of cracked ice. The resemblance of cracked ice added to the effect of the painting and its winter inspiration perfectly. Another interesting fact about this painting was that it is actually based off an actual place that Anahid visited last year, Vancouver.


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