Wk 6 – Classmate Conversation – Daniel Guerrero

I had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with Daniel Guerrero this week! Daniel is a junior and a biomedical engineer major. He’s originally from Santa Barbara but he moved down here to attend school at Cal State Long Beach. He enjoys playing sports and pretty much anything that has to do with being outdoors. He’s also a person that likes to work with his hands and do physical activity, such as building things. He likes to build anything from using materials such as wood or metal. He also works at the rock climbing wall on campus, which totally sounds like the perfect job to fit his personality and interests. I was really amazed at the numerous talents Daniel has. Not only does he play pretty much any sport and build things, he’s also good at art. He especially likes artwork that has to do with pencil drawing such as sketching.

We talked about our shared interest in travelling and shared some of our favorite vacation spots that we’ve travelled to. Daniel’s favorite place that he’s recently travelled to was Philadelphia. He enjoyed Philadelphia because he also has an interest in the subject of history, so he enjoyed learning about the history at Philadelphia. But most importantly, because he had the best Philly cheese steak he’s ever had in his life there!

When I asked him the question of the week about what color would accurately describe his current mood he responded with blue because he was feeling relaxed at the moment. And he also told me another cool fact that his favorite color is green.


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