Wk 7 – Activity – Ephemeral Art

IMG_0632For this week’s activity, we were told to take snapchats throughout our day and illustrate on the picture using the snapchat app. I started my first picture at the art galleries with a picture of Jane Weibel’s art gallery. Since her art gallery was inspired through childhood and her pieces resembled parts of a children’s playground, I decided to draw some kids climbing on the ceramic pieces. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly the best at drawing and it’s especially hard to draw on the snapchat app so I could only draw stick figures. For my IMG_0618second snapchat picture, I took a picture of my dog and drew some ears and a tail on her to turn her into a tiger.

For my classmate snapchat pictures I took a screenshot of Judy Phan‘s picture of one of the hanging plants at the art galleries that she turned into a lion. I really liked her snapchat picture because it was so creative and cute! Another classmate’s snapchat that I took a screenshot of was Jacob Kim‘s. Jacob snapped a picture of Judy and I while we were sitting outside waiting for the art galleries to open. I think Jacob turned Judy into a panda or a mouse, and I’m not entirely sure what he turned me into… But he drew a random flower on my head which was funny.

Judy's snapchat
Judy’s snapchat

To be honest, I didn’t really like this activity that much. I felt like it was boring and didn’t really have any exciting feel to it. It was easy and simple but it didn’t really open my eyes up to something new and interesting like the previous activities did. I also felt like it didn’t tie together to anything and all of it sort of felt really random and out of place. I didn’t like this activity because I didn’t have fun with it.

Jacob's snapchat
Jacob’s snapchat

One thought on “Wk 7 – Activity – Ephemeral Art”

  1. Hey Kristine – nice work on your snaps!

    And nice insight on the activity… perhaps the “problem” was that I… hmm… “didn’t really know what I was doing…” — with Instagram I had the idea to use that app to create a group portrait via hashtags and we could then “see ourselves” in a way that sort of only a class hashtag could reveal… it’s a small thing… but in a way also kind of a big thing…

    With Snapchat I really didn’t have an idea. I only knew that most Art110 peeps liked Snapchat a lot better than IG and had been begging me for a SC Activity for a while now. So maybe the Activity was forced on my part.

    I still don’t really have a vision on what a good “art” activity with SC would be. Although as someone who didn’t really use SC, it was an informative experience for me. I was kind of torn that we weren’t doing an art “intervention”… and then on the other hand that maybe any intervention was too contrived, and really it should just be the experience of the app itself. That sort of did work with Periscope since so many peeps were new to it.

    What’s your suggestion for next semester? Drop SC? Keep IG? Or keep SC but with a different activity for it?


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