Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Jane Weibel

IMG_0620Jane Weibel is a talented artist that likes to aim her focus on pieces of artwork made by ceramics. She is mostly interested in ceramics mixed with the use of fiber, ropes, and ties to piece things together, as seen in her gallery display. It took her about two months to create all the pieces needed to complete her art gallery, and took about thirty-six hours to finish setting up the art gallery itself. It is clear to see by each viewer how much time and effort Jane put into her pieces of art. Ceramics is known to be a style of creating that is very time consuming with multiple different steps to achieve the finished product. Not only that, but it is very fragile and I imagine must’ve been a difficult task to set up the gallery.

IMG_0622When I first walked into Jane’s gallery I was so amazed at how she was able to transform the entire room to what appeared to be a replication of a children’s playground. As I took a more careful look around, I noticed more aspects relating to childhood, such as children’s clothing hung up across the area. The pieces of art were all vibrant and glossy colors that illuminated the room with an aura of a child’s innocence and joyfulness.

After speaking with Jane I learned that her inspiration behind the art gallery was from her own personal childhood and the concept that ideas of memories are constantly changing due to the fact that our minds alter memories as we forget some parts of it. Jane stated that she wanted to be able to create something that could display how she views her childhood and wanted to make something that would keep memories of her childhood alive and solidify her past. Jane shared a personal story about how she had lost a family member to Alzheimers and how she had to watch her family member slowly lose her mind and lose grip of the past and memories. Jane expressed how this caused her to have feelings of anxiety and fear of losing her own cherished memories.

IMG_0621Jane’s art gallery was so intricate and interesting to view because there were so many different pieces of art that all came together to create one overall picture. It’s like when you first walk in you see everything as a whole, you just see it as a big playground. And as you continue to walk around and look carefully at each piece you notice different things such as how one little piece of ceramics connects to another to create something. One of my favorite parts of the entire gallery were the ceramic swings that she hung down from the ceilings.


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