Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Diane Linquata

IMG_0677When I walked in to the Gatov West art gallery, I was a little overwhelmed by the multiple different artworks displayed by different artists. At first I thought it was all by one artist and I was pretty confused as of how all the art pieces tied together, but then I eventually came to the realization that there were multiple different artists’ displays in the same gallery. Even through my confusion I immediately knew which art collection was my favorite. Diane Linquata’s artworks of different ceramic sculptures caught my attention because of the fact that they were actual sculptures smack dab in the middle of the gallery, rather than canvas paintings hung up on the wall.

IMG_0681All of Diane’s sculptures are made from ceramic material and added design by using a black color made from a mixture of clay and water. This technique of using clay and slip is the same formula used in Ancient Greece. Diane’s heritage also happens to be Greek, in which she was inspired by her own cultural background to make these pieces of art.

IMG_0679The story behind Diane’s art collection is that during grad school she got pregnant and had to take a semester off due to pregnancy. During her pregnancy, she noticed numerous amounts of changes happening with her body. She said sometimes she would look in the mirror and not even recognize the person she saw. It almost felt like every time she looked in the mirror, she saw a different person. And her sculptures became the representation of the different people, the different forms and shapes of her body that occurred during her pregnancy. The sculptures show stages of her body during and after pregnancy, stages of how her body changed while her baby was developing inside of her, and stages of how she tried to get her body back together after her pregnancy was over. Diane’s sculptures represent not only the physical aspects of her body changes, but also her emotions through her brain and changing hormones. In the beginning of the pregnancy and stages of art represents a more negative view of it and then transformed into a positive outlook. Every aspect of the art collection was handmade by Diane, including all the little articles of clothing on each of the sculptures. The sculptures are wearing things such as tutus and crochet bikinis.

IMG_0680One of my favorite details about Diane’s art collection were the intricate designs that she painted on with the slip of clay and water. The black painted designs had shapes of circles and were outlined by a technique of carving and etching out the slip to create the design. I like this technique because it sort of make the design look like it pops out, it gives it more dimension rather than just a flat paint because you can see the levels of where it was etched out from the sculpture.


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