Wk 9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling

IMG_0768My character goes by the name of Belle Lea Bentley. Belle is a 22 year old female born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is not in school at the moment but is interning for a well known fashion company. Belle loves anything related to fashion. She enjoys partaking backstage for fashion shows, assisting celebrity stylists in picking out clothes for their clients, and even spends time creating her own articles of clothing as well. Belle has always been a city girl since the day she was born, since she grew up in of the most well known cities around the world. She’s a typical city girl that enjoys spending her nights at rooftop bars and clubs, dancing the night away with her close girl friends and listening to good music. During the day she is constantly busy with work and building her career and connects. She aspires to one day be a well-known fashion designer and dreams of being able to showcase her work during New York fashion week.

Belle interacted with her classmate friends through Instagram and Snapchat. Belle shows her excitement for Kevin and Ian by commenting on their Instragram posts and stating how cool she thinks it is that they both went on a hike. She also got a snapchat from Ian, showing that he is skating in Portland.


IMG_0767As you can tell from the posts, Belle is pretty different from her friends. Belle’s friends enjoy outdoor activities and likes going on hikes and playing sports. Belle is much girlier than her guy friends and likes to do things like go shopping or getting her nails done. Even though she has different interests with her friends, she is still able to get along with almost anybody because of the fact that she is so friendly and outgoing. She loves going out to social events and meeting all sorts of different people. She especially likes to meet people that are different from her because she feels like she gets to learn more things from them rather than people who are already similar to her.


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