Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Juan Martin


Juan Martin’s art gallery caught my attention and curiosity as soon as I stepped foot through the doors. First of all, the sculpture of the mannequin seems to weigh at least a hundred pounds, but is perfectly positioned to be able to sit comfortably on a thin piece of a mirror that stands vertically. The concrete mannequin is sculpted to accurately and look like a realistic man, well, minus the head. Another piece of Juan’s work was a sculpture of a deer sitting on the other side of the gallery. At first, coming into the gallery from the side of the door, the sculpture appears to be that of just a normal silver deer. The deer was already interesting as is but as you move on over to the other side of the deer you learn that the deer is engraved with a pattern as if the deer was cut open. The patterns make it seem like the deer is made of pixels. The opening of the deer displays many cube like formations.

IMG_0732Juan stated that it took him nearly 6 months to come up with the concept for this gallery alone and then another 4 weeks to actually finish the products. However, he also states that his overall idea for his show changed a lot over the course of the time. To create these products, he used a technique that includes scanning the form and using a program to alter and design a different surface on the sides. Once the file is ready, the 5 axis and it drills into the desired form. He was inspired by minimalist work from the 1960’s. He’s always been interested in art since his childhood and also has a love for figurative art and wild life.When asked what he wishes his audience could take from his gallery, he says that he doesn’t like to put an idea onto someone but would rather let the audience have their own interpretation of whatever they think it could be.


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