Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation – Jacob Kim

For this week’s classmate conversation I got to meet Jacob Kim. Jacob is currently a second year and commutes to school from La Palma. He is interested in becoming a part of the swat when he is older. Jacob is usually a very busy guy, considering the fact that he works multiples jobs. His jobs consist of a tutor, teaching guitar lessons, working at Boba Loca in La Palma, and also works on campus as a patrol officer during the night time. Although Jacob keeps himself fairly occupied with his jobs, in his free time he enjoys surfing, going to the beach, playing the guitar and the piano, and pretty much anything that involves being outdoors. Jacob is a huge travelling fanatic and is constantly planning when his next trip will be. Just last year, Jacob travelled to Hawaii by himself, staying in hostels and doing adventurous stuff such as going on extremely dangerous, life-threatening hikes! Jacob is definitely a huge adrenaline junky and is always doing risky things that brings him excitement. He says that he is currently interested and researching about making his next big trip to the Phillipines. But in the meantime, he likes to go on smaller weekend trips to places such as Yosemite, four wheeling in Death Valley, or San Francisco. Jacob seems like the type of person that is literally down to do anything and is always willing to try something new.


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