Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Matthew Dumpit

As I walked outside the art galleries, wondering which gallery to enter first, I noticed the Marilyn Werbie gallery. It was darkly lit and I assumed it was going to be like the previous art galleries that had dim lighting, some sort of video playing or something like that. With that thought in my mind I wasn’t really interested in viewing the gallery because to be honest I didn’t really like the previous ones that I assumed it would be like. However, when I entered I was pleasantly surprised. This gallery was nothing like I expected it to be and was unlike any others I had seen.

IMG_0792Matthew Dumpit created an art gallery based around the movement of shadows and the images that certain object’s shadows create. His gallery displayed objects such as a metal chair made out of welded wire, little interactive figurines on the walls, and a sort of crystallized light show. The chair made from welded wire was able to pick up light and have it shine through and emphasize different aspects of the chair, to form an almost identical image of the chair on the wall. I thought that was really neat because the typical shadows that you see would just form a solid silhouette, but with the positioning of the welded wire you could actually see different dimensions of the chair. Matthew stated that this particular piece was inspired from the Victorian Era and took the inspiration from his home town in North California.

IMG_0794The figurines on the walls had pieces behind each model in which you could pull the lever, and it would maneuver the whole figurine to move a certain way. Once the figurines start moving, you can see how the shadows behind it replicate an image. There was one particular figurine that when moved, it looks like a bird flapping its wings. Matthew also stated that this particular piece was the hardest piece to make in the whole collection.

IMG_0793Another aspect of the gallery was a light that moved back and forth on top of metal sheets placed on the floor. The light shown on the metal sheets reflect a crystallized-like light onto the wall. In my opinion, the light resembled similar to what would be a water reflection, almost like the reflections of water you see inside of a pool at night time. The combination of this crystallized light and the swaying motion made me feel like the gallery was underwater on a moving boat. Matthew stated that this piece was his favorite out of the gallery, and I have to agree and say this is my favorite as well.


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