Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Filimon Soltero

IMG_0919For this week’s classmate conversation I chose to get to know Filimon Soltero. Filimon is currently a third year and is majoring in healthcare administration. He commutes to school from Compton. In his free time he enjoys hanging out with his friends and family, going out to eat, and playing sports, especially soccer. His favorite food is carne asada and says that he has a special appreciation for home made Mexican food. When asked the question of the week, Filimon answered by stating the he does believe tattoos are a form of art, however, he personally wouldn’t get one because he isn’t really a huge fan of tattoos. He says that he doesn’t really like the appearance of tattoos and probably wouldn’t get one on his own body. But he does believe that tattoos are a form of art in which people express themselves and show what they like on their own skin. On the topic of art, he started talking about how he actually really enjoys this class because he never really saw himself as the artistic type, but this class forces him to be more creative and helps him express himself in different ways that he never has before. He also likes this class because he feels like it helps him build his communication skills by having to meet and converse with new people every week.


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