Wk 11 – Activity – Fiber Arts

IMG_1015This week’s activity had me a little stumped. It was hard for me to try and come up with something that I could make and hang up in my room. First off, I’m not all that creative and second of all, I didn’t want to go out to buy materials because I felt like that would be a waste of money so I searched around my house for materials that I might be able to use. Luckily, when I was younger I used to do a lot of scrap booking with my mom and different sorts of arts and crafts so I found a lot of leftover materials that I could possibly use. But the hard part was trying to figure out how I could piece them together to create something.

To be completely honest all the materials seemed very scattered and I couldn’t come up with a creative way to tie them all together. So I sort of just smacked some things together that I could tie and hang. I found some large flower beads and these straps of leather that had little holders already attached to the top so this made it easy to connect everything with the use of string and a tiny metal bar. It was sort of hard to balance out the metal bar on the bottom that held the straps of leather together because the straps of leather kept sliding around in different directions.

Overall this activity was slightly difficult but I still managed to pull something together. I like that this activity forced me to use some creativity and forced me to try and take what I had in front of me and somehow relate them together.


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