Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon

IMG_0921Kathy Yoon is a ceramics major at Cal State Long Beach and is currently a third year. She’s been in the ceramics department for three years. Kathy made her artworks out of clay and from the process of ceramics. Each individual piece took about 2 weeks to make. She states that she’s always enjoyed drawing as a kid but was never really introduced to ceramics until college.

Kathy states that the inspiration behind this art gallery was from a character that she came up with and has been doodling about for the past year. The different sculptures are an array of different emotions and little people that each represent something different. According to Kathy, the sculpture that is holding the heart balloon is the best representation of herself.

IMG_0922In my opinion, this art gallery was particularly unique and intriguing because of how each sculpture seemed to represent a different emotion or feeling. Each sculpture seems to have its own personality and its own life and is showcasing whatever situation it’s going through by how it’s portraying its actions. Some sculptures seem happier and more carefree than others, whereas some sculptures seem to have just given up on life. The gallery contains such a variety of emotions as if the artist is trying to subtly show different events in her life.

My own personal favorite of the whole gallery was the one leaning its head against the wall. I liked that sculpture because as soon as I noticed it it made me laugh because that is an emotion I always feel whenever I’m fed up. Whenever I’m fed up with something or just feeling overwhelmed in general, one of the thoughts that goes through my head is always something like “I just want to bang my head against a wall.” It seems like such a depressing thought at first, but it’s really a half-joking thought. Although I do feel like that a lot, I don’t ever literally hit my head against a wall. Although sometimes I do punch walls.


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