Wk 12 – Activity – ePortfolio

aboutTrying to think of what I wanted to revolve my ePortfolio about was a little challenging. The options were either to make my website something related to my major and how it could help me develop my career, or something that I was interested in on more of a personal level. Since I’m still undeclared and not fully positive and what I want to do with my major or what I’m going to follow through with for my career, I decided to make my website about something that I’m interested in as a pass time. With that I decided to make an ePortfolio about make up and fashion.

I’ve always been into make up and fashion and enjoy following other fashion bloggers on social media sites. I love watching tutorials on new techniques of how to do different make up looks or reviews about new products. I also love seeing my favorite fashion bloggers post pictures of their outfits of the day and getting to view where they purchased their pieces from. Being a fashion blogger seems like such a fun thing to do because not only is it something that I personally get a lot of joy from, but it can allow me to also share that joy with other people who share the same interests as me. I figured that with this blog I can follow the foot steps of the fashion bloggers that I love to follow and do posts such as make up looks that I like to do or my outfits of the day.


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