Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata


IMG_1075When I stumbled into the Gatov West gallery I was fascinated by the immense detail in each painting. Each painting had such dimension and displayed obvious talent from the artist. The paintings had so much individual character that really gave the pieces that extra touch. Initially, I wasn’t sure of what the meaning or story was behind each painting, all I knew was that I thought each painting was a beautiful piece of work.

After listening to the artist speak about his paintings I learned that each painting actually represents a different Greek mythology. As if the paintings weren’t already cool in itself, knowing the background behind the paintings made it ten times better. Christopher stated that he used to live in Greece, south of Venice. He also used to paint murals at Caesar’s palace in Las Vegas.

Christopher’s inspiration behind the paintings is the sunken city, which is also where the scenes in the paintings take place at. Christopher states that he usually draws at every place he visits. He captures places and moments by either drawing it or sketching it on the spot or taking a photo of it. However, he says that he never uses a picture to directly paint from because he believes that causes his paintings to look flat. He typically only uses a photo to use as reference to freshen his memory in order to continue on with the painting.

IMG_1077I have to admit that Christopher’s gallery has been my favorite of all the other galleries I’ve seen since the beginning of the semester. I really enjoy the detail and aesthetics of each of his paintings and realizing that he recreated a different Greek mythology for each painting made me appreciate it even more. I also thought it was really sweet that he incorporated his own family and friends into his paintings and used them as the characters.


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