Wk 14 – Classmate Conversation – Judy Phan, Jacob Kim, Milton Coreas


For this week’s group classmate conversation, I got to speak with Judy Phan, Jacob Kim, and Milton Coreas. I already previously knew Judy and Jacob, and Milton was the new classmate that I met this week.

Milton was initially a biochem major until he decided that that wasn’t the right major for him and switched it out to another. He is currently undeclared but wants to be a film major and become a director. Some of his interests include playing soccer and spending his time trying to learn how to play the guitar. Milton thinks art is different for everyone because paintings can be viewed in a different perspective by every person.

Judy is a health science major and wants to become a doctor. She likes going to the beach and taking her dog to the dog park. She keeps herself busy by interning at a hospital and going to a youth group. Judy views art as a new hobby, something she enjoys doing to occupy her time. She enjoys going to art museums to see the new displays of artwork.

Jacob wants to be a cop because he wants the action that comes with it. He’s also very against ending up at an office job. He likes to play instruments such as the guitar, violin, piano, and the ukulele. Jacob views art as an instrument to express himself in different forms, and same goes with other people. He believes art is a form of expression.


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