Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – David De Mendoza


David De Mendoza was one of the artists that worked on the art gallery displayed in the Gatov West gallery. The other artist that collaborated with David on these paintings was Vanessa Gamboa. Unfortunately, she wasn’t present at the time of the artist interviews so I was only able to interview half of the artists contributing to this art gallery. I would’ve loved to be able to ask Vanessa questions about the art and hear her perspective or insight on their paintings but Mendoza was still able to fill her place quite sufficiently. David used oil paints to create these particular paintings. It took him nearly the entire summer to finish them. As it can be seen in the style of the paintings, they were heavily influenced by different sorts of horror movies that David has seen throughout the years. Many of the paintings are shown depicting some sort of typical fear that people have or different sorts of nightmares.

Although the paintings are meant to depict different types of common fears that people have, the paintings display a large variety of bright and vibrant colors. Some of the paintings involve colors such as bright yellows, oranges, and pinks that really stand out on the canvas, contrasting to the dark shades of purples and greens beside them. I really like the fact that the artists used a variety of different colors ranging from dark to bright. I feel like it really gives the paintings that pop to catch a viewer’s attention. The paintings also display a lot of different shapes and unique visuals that I believe contribute to the fact that these paintings are partly based off of dreams and nightmares. The artists did a splendid job of giving these paintings that dreamy feel.

IMG_0388I actually really enjoyed viewing these art pieces because I thought each painting was really intriguing. Each painting that I viewed, it gave me the desire to learn about what the meaning behind the painting was. Each painting was so unique from one another but still was able to relate to each other in a way that tied the whole art gallery together. Although I did enjoy the pieces a lot, I couldn’t personally relate to any of the paintings very much. When I viewed the pieces there weren’t any personal experiences that came to mind that made me feel a connection with the pieces of art.


Wk 4 – Classmate Conversation – Rachel Garcia and Tabita Astorga

For this week’s art gallery I got to meet two new classmates, Rachel Garcia and Tabita Astorga.

Rachel is a 3rd year and is majoring in hospitality. I originally didn’t really know what hospitality was exactly and she kindly informed me that it’s basically the types of jobs that people who are in charge of businesses such as hotels, amusement parks, restaurants, etc. She said that the reason she chose to major in hospitality is because in high school she took a quiz that gave her results in suggested careers for her and one of the options was hospitality. However, initially she didn’t know what hospitality was until after she researched it further and realized it was something she was interested in pursuing. Another interesting fact I learned about Rachel is that she’s been working at Knott’s Berry Farm for 3 years! She’s also involved in working at the horror nights.

Tabita is a 4th year and is a psychology major. She specifically wants to become a youth therapist and wants to continue her schooling to get a masters degree after she graduates. I thought it was really interesting getting to know Tabita because I actually want to change my major to psychology so it was really helpful for me to listen to her experience in the major and get to know how she plans to carry out with her major. When I asked her the question of the week, I thought her response was perfect! Tabita said she believes art matters because it’s a form of a positive outlook on topics that can sometimes be seen as negative. For example, David De Mendoza and Vanessa Gamboa’s art gallery of their paintings that depicted different types of fears and nightmares, were painted in bright colors and when a viewer looks at them, they don’t really see or feel actual fear within themselves but more so a beautiful piece of artwork.

Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Maria Leon

At this weeks art gallery I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Maria Leon (http://leonmalena.com/). She is a 2nd year at Cal State Long Beach and is currently majoring in hospitality management but she plans on changing majors to health science instead. However, she still plans on keeping hospitality management as a minor because she doesn’t want to put all of her previous efforts into that major to waste, which I totally agree with! She also commutes to school from Hawaiian Gardens. We talked about the different art galleries and she told me her favorite gallery was Nick Bamford’s with all of the large sculptures. She said her favorite piece of Bamford’s was the sculpture of the guy holding the guitar.

When we talked about our personal meanings of art, I stated that I viewed art as an outlet for people to express who they are through a variety of different aspects. I feel like art is a very broad title that can fit into almost anything. Art is a way for people to express how they feel or to show things from their perspective. Art is truly interesting and unique because each individual can view things in a different way. For example, a person can simply tell a group to draw a picture of the sun, and the results could be a various amount of different drawings of the sun. Every single person will most likely have at least a little differences among their drawings, and that’s the amazing part of art.

Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – William Brigham

Inside of the Merlino gallery, William Brigham’s art gallery was showcased. William Brigham’s art pieces were a variety of 3 different art pieces. He had a section of pottery made from porcelain, another section of pottery made from brass, and the last section were knives made from steel. Brigham described his pieces of art as a process that he found particularly interesting due to the fact that he could mold together different pieces of material into one to create a specific design and pattern.



He talked about how he first began with making the knives out of Damascus steel, which basically means that it is patterned steel. The special steel is imprinted throughout all of its layers all the way into the core, rather than just a design on the surface. He stated that if he sliced the Damascus steel, the pattern would be visible anywhere, which is how he came up with the beautiful designs of his handcrafted knives.

Brigham took this concept of patterned material and incorporated this into his next pieces of art. He learned that he could do this technique using clay and porcelain as well. For his next artworks he made pieces of pottery with a spin table and mixed two different pieces of clay and threw them together on a spinning wheel to mix them together. The result is a conjoined pattern of the two different pieces of clay.


The last pieces of art that William Brigham had displayed in his art gallery were pieces that looked somewhat similar to the porcelain projects, however, these ones were made and molded from brass in a much more difficult and time consuming process, as compared to the porcelain ones.

Brigham spoke highly about these pieces and stated that they were the pieces he held the most pride in. He said that in order to make these brass pieces, he uses a technique that was first wielded by the Japanese known as Mokume-gane. The pieces start out as a little square of brass, and then they’re stacked up and clamped together into a container filled with carbon. Inside the container, the carbon is burned at a temperature of 1500 degrees like a charcoal to get rid of any oxygen. With this high heat, the artist is then able to press the materials together to create different patterns
and mold his piece to his own liking. 

I personally thought all of Brigham’s pieces of art were beautiful. The time and effort that he spent on each piece really shows through his work. The little details of pattern and sculpting in his art shows that he has truly mastered his art. I remember in high school I took a ceramics class, and although the two processes are fairly different, and obviously Brigham’s techniques are much more difficult, I remember how much I struggled in ceramics to make a somewhat decent project! So I give Brigham props for being able to create such amazing pieces.

Wk 3 – Activity – Social Photography

Our activity for this week was the Instagram day. For Instagram day we were required to post a minimum of 4 pictures onto our Instagram accounts of anything we wanted to share, throughout the day.


My first post began at the art galleries. I chose to post a picture of the current artist that I was listening to. I decided to post a picture of that particular artist, William Brigham, and his gallery because as soon as I stepped into Brigham’s gallery and viewed his artwork and briefly listened to him speak, I already knew that his art gallery was the one I wanted to write about.

My next post was just a fun selfie that I took with one of Nick Bamford’s artworks. As I walked around his art gallery I found all of his sculptures particularly interesting because all of the sculptures were so different from one another. The sculpture in my selfie was my favorite out of the bunch.

My last two Instagram posts of the day displayed how I went about to finish my day after art class was over. After art ended I went over to the horn center to finish up some stats homework that I had due the next day. And also to hang out in the nicely air conditioned room to cool off from the scorching heat outside. A few hours after that was all finished I was finally able to head home from school and home to my 3 beloved dogs. I love coming home to their happy faces and overwhelming excitement everyday! They’re definitely one of my favorite parts of each of my days so I felt the need to share it with my classmates.

When I went through our #110f15 Instagram tag, I noticed a pretty fair amount of connection within our class. I saw connections with the fact that a lot of us posted pictures relating to the art galleries since that was something that we all experienced throughout our day. A lot of us also posted pictures relating to school, and more specifically, Cal State Long Beach. I feel like although we are all very different as individuals, we all experienced somewhat similar days. We are all students at the same school, with the same class, and we all went about a few of the same things throughout our days. I saw a lot of posts of everyone’s pets, and pictures with classmates hanging out with their friends. Looking at our tag, I did feel like we had sort of our own little community. It was cool seeing how other peers experienced their days and being able to compare it with others. It was also really cool to get to know a little more about my classmates through these pictures.

Wk 2 – Activity – Plaster Casting

Today, I went with a couple of other classmates (Judy and Jacob) to the Seal beach pier to make our hand plasters. At first it was a little tricky because we noticed that the tide went up very high and there were¬†minimal areas of wet sand that the tide didn’t reach. We realized that if the waves came up to our setting plasters, our molds and projects would be ruined. However, we were luckily able to find a little patch of wet sand that was high enough to be safe from the waves! And for added security, we even built a little sand barrier and hole to catch any waves that might wash up to our working area.

After we set up our working space, we quickly got to work. We dug our holes and carefully made our molds to set our plaster into. As we waited for our projects to set, we enjoyed the warm and sunny weather!

After about 30 minutes we carefully dug our projects out of the sand holes. My hand casting turned out a lot better than I had expected and I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t expecting to be able to see little details in my hands, since the mold wasn’t very secure. But it was really cool when I noticed that my hand casting was able to pick up my nails in the plaster and you could actually see the outlines of my nails in my project. Overall this was a pretty cool experience and, like the professor said himself, a perfect excuse to go to the beach.

Hello world!

My name is Kristine and I’m a second year! I’m currently undeclared but I’m probably going to switch majors to psychology. I’m not a hundred percent positive on my career dreams yet but I’m figuring that out. A few things I enjoy doing are going to the beach and shopping. I especially like makeup and clothes! I have 3 dogs, two of them are French poodles and the last one is half pomeranian and half French poodle.I’m obsessed with my dogs and treat them like my own children, because they practically are. I’m looking forward to beginning this semester of art with the rest of my classmates!