Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata


IMG_1075When I stumbled into the Gatov West gallery I was fascinated by the immense detail in each painting. Each painting had such dimension and displayed obvious talent from the artist. The paintings had so much individual character that really gave the pieces that extra touch. Initially, I wasn’t sure of what the meaning or story was behind each painting, all I knew was that I thought each painting was a beautiful piece of work.

After listening to the artist speak about his paintings I learned that each painting actually represents a different Greek mythology. As if the paintings weren’t already cool in itself, knowing the background behind the paintings made it ten times better. Christopher stated that he used to live in Greece, south of Venice. He also used to paint murals at Caesar’s palace in Las Vegas.

Christopher’s inspiration behind the paintings is the sunken city, which is also where the scenes in the paintings take place at. Christopher states that he usually draws at every place he visits. He captures places and moments by either drawing it or sketching it on the spot or taking a photo of it. However, he says that he never uses a picture to directly paint from because he believes that causes his paintings to look flat. He typically only uses a photo to use as reference to freshen his memory in order to continue on with the painting.

IMG_1077I have to admit that Christopher’s gallery has been my favorite of all the other galleries I’ve seen since the beginning of the semester. I really enjoy the detail and aesthetics of each of his paintings and realizing that he recreated a different Greek mythology for each painting made me appreciate it even more. I also thought it was really sweet that he incorporated his own family and friends into his paintings and used them as the characters.


Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Diane Linquata

IMG_0677When I walked in to the Gatov West art gallery, I was a little overwhelmed by the multiple different artworks displayed by different artists. At first I thought it was all by one artist and I was pretty confused as of how all the art pieces tied together, but then I eventually came to the realization that there were multiple different artists’ displays in the same gallery. Even through my confusion I immediately knew which art collection was my favorite. Diane Linquata’s artworks of different ceramic sculptures caught my attention because of the fact that they were actual sculptures smack dab in the middle of the gallery, rather than canvas paintings hung up on the wall.

IMG_0681All of Diane’s sculptures are made from ceramic material and added design by using a black color made from a mixture of clay and water. This technique of using clay and slip is the same formula used in Ancient Greece. Diane’s heritage also happens to be Greek, in which she was inspired by her own cultural background to make these pieces of art.

IMG_0679The story behind Diane’s art collection is that during grad school she got pregnant and had to take a semester off due to pregnancy. During her pregnancy, she noticed numerous amounts of changes happening with her body. She said sometimes she would look in the mirror and not even recognize the person she saw. It almost felt like every time she looked in the mirror, she saw a different person. And her sculptures became the representation of the different people, the different forms and shapes of her body that occurred during her pregnancy. The sculptures show stages of her body during and after pregnancy, stages of how her body changed while her baby was developing inside of her, and stages of how she tried to get her body back together after her pregnancy was over. Diane’s sculptures represent not only the physical aspects of her body changes, but also her emotions through her brain and changing hormones. In the beginning of the pregnancy and stages of art represents a more negative view of it and then transformed into a positive outlook.¬†Every aspect of the art collection was handmade by Diane, including all the little articles of clothing on each of the sculptures. The sculptures are wearing things such as tutus and crochet bikinis.

IMG_0680One of my favorite details about Diane’s art collection were the intricate designs that she painted on with the slip of clay and water. The black painted designs had shapes of circles and were outlined by a technique of carving and etching out the slip to create the design. I like this technique because it sort of make the design look like it pops out, it gives it more dimension rather than just a flat paint because you can see the levels of where it was etched out from the sculpture.

Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Jane Weibel

IMG_0620Jane Weibel is a talented artist that likes to aim her focus on pieces of artwork made by ceramics. She is mostly interested in ceramics mixed with the use of fiber, ropes, and ties to piece things together, as seen in her gallery display. It took her about two months to create all the pieces needed to complete her art gallery, and took about thirty-six hours to finish setting up the art gallery itself. It is clear to see by each viewer how much time and effort Jane put into her pieces of art. Ceramics is known to be a style of creating that is very time consuming with multiple different steps to achieve the finished product. Not only that, but it is very fragile and I imagine must’ve been a difficult task to set up the gallery.

IMG_0622When I first walked into Jane’s gallery I was so amazed at how she was able to transform the entire room to what appeared to be a replication of a children’s playground. As I took a more careful look around, I noticed more aspects relating to childhood, such as children’s clothing hung up across the area. The pieces of art were all vibrant and glossy colors that illuminated the room with an aura of a child’s innocence and joyfulness.

After speaking with Jane I learned that her inspiration behind the art gallery was from her own personal childhood and the concept that ideas of memories are constantly changing due to the fact that our minds alter memories as we forget some parts of it. Jane stated that she wanted to be able to create something that could display how she views her childhood and wanted to make something that would keep memories of her childhood alive and solidify her past. Jane shared a personal story about how she had lost a family member to Alzheimers and how she had to watch her family member slowly lose her mind and lose grip of the past and memories. Jane expressed how this caused her to have feelings of anxiety and fear of losing her own cherished memories.

IMG_0621Jane’s art gallery was so intricate and interesting to view because there were so many different pieces of art that all came together to create one overall picture. It’s like when you first walk in you see everything as a whole, you just see it as a big playground. And as you continue to walk around and look carefully at each piece you notice different things such as how one little piece of ceramics connects to another to create something. One of my favorite parts of the entire gallery were the ceramic swings that she hung down from the ceilings.

Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – David De Mendoza


David De Mendoza was one of the artists that worked on the art gallery displayed in the Gatov West gallery. The other artist that collaborated with David on these paintings was Vanessa Gamboa. Unfortunately, she wasn’t present at the time of the artist interviews so I was only able to interview half of the artists contributing to this art gallery. I would’ve loved to be able to ask Vanessa questions about the art and hear her perspective or insight on their paintings but Mendoza was still able to fill her place quite sufficiently. David used oil paints to create these particular paintings. It took him nearly the entire summer to finish them. As it can be seen in the style of the paintings, they were heavily influenced by different sorts of horror movies that David has seen throughout the years. Many of the paintings are shown depicting some sort of typical fear that people have or different sorts of nightmares.

Although the paintings are meant to depict different types of common fears that people have, the paintings display a large variety of bright and vibrant colors. Some of the paintings involve colors such as bright yellows, oranges, and pinks that really stand out on the canvas, contrasting to the dark shades of purples and greens beside them. I really like the fact that the artists used a variety of different colors ranging from dark to bright. I feel like it really gives the paintings that pop to catch a viewer’s attention. The paintings also display a lot of different shapes and unique visuals that I believe contribute to the fact that these paintings are partly based off of dreams and nightmares. The artists did a splendid job of giving these paintings that dreamy feel.

IMG_0388I actually really enjoyed viewing these art pieces because I thought each painting was really intriguing. Each painting that I viewed, it gave me the desire to learn about what the meaning behind the painting was. Each painting was so unique from one another but still was able to relate to each other in a way that tied the whole art gallery together. Although I did enjoy the pieces a lot, I couldn’t personally relate to any of the paintings very much. When I viewed the pieces there weren’t any personal experiences that came to mind that made me feel a connection with the pieces of art.